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Friday, May 18, 2007

One down...

Paul Wolfowitz has taken his sorry case of professional ethics, a fig leaf "victory" and what undoubtedly is a nice cash settlement and walked out the door.

We know Alberto Gonzales doesn't have even the same minimal level of shame to do the same.

Let's be clear: this is not, as some Wolfowitz apologists would suggest, a payback to the Bush administration over Wolfie's role in creating the Iraq War, or for trying to clean up the World Bank.

Nope. On just about every ethics scale known to civilized people, top bosses don't arrange for cushy jobs -- soft landings or no-shows -- for their girlfriends.

That is an immediate fireable offense, except in Bush's World, where a presidential chief of staff and a White House counsel find nothing wrong with trying to con a sedated man in intensive care -- and then pass it off as saying they were only paying their respects.

Or a vice president who continues to lie and slander his foes as traitors in the face of overwhelming evidence of his efforts to con the people who elected him.

The stench of this administration will take decades to cleanse. The blot to our reputation around the world may never clear.

Bye Wolfie.

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