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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Planned politicking

There are beliefs -- and then there are beliefs.

Myth Romney and Rudy Giuliani, the GOP's acrobatic experts are coming to recognize that changing your positions is not as easy as changing your socks. Everything is fair game -- including your family's actions.

Romney and Giuliani were for a woman's right to choose before they were against it, as we all know. And Rudy, after a stab of consciousness or exhaustion from the flip-flopping -- is apparently for it again.

Mitt, on the other, now faces the wages of hypocrisy -- answering for his wife's action.

I normally wouldn't hold a politician accountable for the beliefs or actions of a spouse -- there were always rumors that Susan Weld did not share her husband Bill's voting preferences. But that didn't matter because that former Massachusetts governor didn't really veer from his political tracks. Hillary Clinton is a whole separate posting.

But in watching this current batch of GOP hopefuls try to pander to the Theocons who are trying to create a fundamentalist state on our shores, the actions of a spouse become relevant.

The same holds true, by the way, when an entire political party falls into the Theocratic thrall, which makes for fun viewing as Planned Parenthood reminds John McCain who was among its founders. Hint: The name is spelled Goldwater.

The wife of McCain's predecessor -- and the one-time conservative icon Barry Goldwater -- was among the founders of Planned Parenthood in Arizona. And you may recall Goldwater wasn't too happy with today's Theocratic Party -- and neither are his living allies.

That's why your mother told you telling the truth is easier because you don't have to remember your lies. Mitt and Rudy must have missed that lesson.

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