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Monday, May 07, 2007

Promises, promises...

Rupert Murdoch says he'll respect the Wall Street Journal in the morning. Another key voting bloc doesn't believe him. But will it matter in the end?

Rupe the Rude is putting on a charm offensive to woo the Bancroft family that owns the Journal. He's quick to point out he respects the paper (although the stories are too long). More political coverage, more technology and maybe even an independent editorial board. But he respects it.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. David Carr is only the latest to point out the history of Murdoch's promises and his actions. And Fox News Channel and the New York Post will always remain at the top of list of Murdoch's "fair and balanced" efforts.

And speaking of promises, the Times seems to have bought into those being offered by Boston Now, offering a love poem to the concept of incorporating blogs into news coverage.

The Times reporter glosses over the fact that this new, hip version of newspapers still is impossible to find on its own through Google (ever hear of meta tags, guys)? A quick look at the offerings (or at least the ones that work) suggest I won't be abandoning Universal Hub or Blue Mass. Group if I'm looking for an aggregator of random thoughts or ideas.

And that print edition, remains, well...

Russel Pergament and John Wilpers have gone a long way on promises and hype. Congratulations to them for getting the New York Times to think this journalistic effort is part of "All the News that's Fit to Print." Now let's see if they can deliver.

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