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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Straw man poll

Give George Bush some credit -- he can see symbolism just as well as some of his Republican friends and Democratic opponents.

Bush is chiding Congress for plans to take a vote of no confidence in Albert Gonzales. Why the stubborn refusal to face facts that a handful of Republican senators are already on the record as wanting to throw the bum out?

Because he can see the real political theater. The resolution would carry Gonzales' name, but everyone knows the real vote of no confidence would be directed at him.

Why else does one of the leading House impeachment managers in the sordid Congressional coup against Bill Clinton come out against the vote.
"If the president wants to keep him in his job, I will work with him," Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., said on ABC's "This Week." Political power plays like no-confidence votes, he added, are what have given Congress a 29 percent approval rating in the polls.
Gonzales is a surrogate for Bush's record of incompetence, lies and distortion, not to mention contempt for the Constitution. His fingerprints are also clearly behind the laughable, not to mention contemptible move to pressure John Ashcroft while he lay in an ICU. Does anyone truly believe Gonzales and Andrew Card acted on their own?

Graham certainly had a far different view of Congressional authority when the GOP insisted on impeachment in the face of a lie about oral sex. Talk about political power plays.

This nation has long since registered its lack of confidence in Bush and his cronies -- if I recall he is the one at 28 percent in the polls.

Bush has defiantly insisted the only "accountability moment" that mattered was the 2004 election -- and he has defied the public will on Iraq since then (although he may not be slinking to the Iraqi Study Group position).

Votes of no confidence are one of the better tools available to democracies where leaders have lost their way. If Bush objects to using Gonzales as a surrogate, we can always go the direct route.

It's called impeachment. And there would be a lot more evidence than a blue dress.

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