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Monday, May 21, 2007

Wascally wabbits

I guess a quick jump in the polls tends to focus the other guy's attention.

John McCain has some choice words for our boy Myth Romney, now that the Mittser is showing signs of life in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Talking about Romney's latest acrobatic stunt -- being for immigration before he was against it -- McCain unloaded the kitchen sink.
"Maybe I should wait a couple of weeks and see if it changes because its changed in less than a year from his position before," McCain responded, referring to his rival's immigration stance. "And maybe his solution will be to get out his small varmint gun and drive those Guatemalans off his lawn."
Where to begin?

McCain's oppo research dug back into the oldies but goodie bin to dig up one that even I had forgotten: Romney's employment of undocumented Guatemalans to tend to the landscape of his Belmont manse.

And of course McCain couldn't resist a swipe at Romney's insistence that he hunted "varmints" before he became a lifetime member of the NRA.

Personally it wasn't as good as McCain's put down at the South Carolina debate, where he took aim at Romney's deeply held (and poll tested) positions.
I haven't changed my position on even-numbered years or have changed because of the different offices that I may be running for."
Welcome to Myth Bashers, Senator McCain.

Yo, Myth. You might want to consider the problem of peaking too early?

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