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Friday, May 04, 2007


It's far too early to waste my time and attention on any presidential primary debate that includes Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter. So, it's far too early to take seriously any of the 10 men who stood on stage and paid homage to Ronald Reagan in what is now the real 11th Commandment.

Myth Romney didn't trip over his shoe laces and Rudy Giuliani's bobbing and weaving over his stance on a woman's right to choose lent some credence to the Man from Massachusetts-Utah-Michigan's claim that every flip-flops on fundamental(ist) issues.

But the ultimate proof that this debate was about ideology and not competence was the failure to lay a serious glove on the current occupant of the Oval Office -- and the obsessive insistence in the face of six-plus years of dishonesty and deceit on W.'s part to say we are better off today than under Bill Clinton.

As the line goes, no one died from Clinton's lies.

A recent poll shows a majority of Bush voters have no regrets over their 2004 vote. My obvious political slant leaves me flabbergasted in trying to understand how -- when faced with a record of failure that has resulted in death and devastation from Baghdad to New Orleans and has made America a pariah nation in the world -- any Bush voter can sleep at night, let alone still defend him.

But then again, three of the men who stood on that stage actually raised their hands and admitted publicly that they do not believe in evolution. The Republican Party's obsession with Clinton and unending support for Bush suggests they are all unafraid of being made to look like monkeys.



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