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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A fresh breeze stirring?

Despite the stifling heat and humidity, I think I detect the ever so-faint rustle of a breeze, one that could signal better days ahead. Of course, it could be cut off in an instant, but the signs are intriguing.

First is the amazing medical-political act taking place in the US Senate. Two adult senators, both with some significant years on their bones, are spontaneously regenerating backbone!
First, Richard Lugar, an Indiana Republican, takes to the floor to declare the obvious, that the outlook in Iraq is bleak. Even more remarkably, he adds, "We don't owe the president our unquestioning agreement."

Then, Ohio Republican George Voinovich writes a letter to George Bush urging the president to develop "a comprehensive plan for our country's gradual military disengagement" from Iraq. "I am also concerned that we are running out of time."

Will wonders never cease?

There's a part of me that believes the Washington Post's four-part series looking under the rocks in the Office of the Vice President may be playing a role in this medical miracle. Exposure of the slime taking place in the name of the United States has to have a cleansing effect -- particularly when Cheney is running even lower in the polls than his boss.

Then there's the fact that the CIA has decided to come clean with its own "family jewels", making public it's sometimes shameful history of lawbreaking in what it believed was the pursuit of national goals.

Or was that the pursuit of presidential goals? I find it interesting the project was launched under William Colby and James Schlesinger, CIA chiefs to Richard Nixon -- and released by Michael Hayden, named to the post by George W. Bush. Interestingly -- at least so far -- no nasty stuff from the era of CIA chief George H.W. Bush.

Finally, there's a new poll suggesting the "younger generation" may finally be taking on the politics of their Baby Boom elders. Hardly definitive and who knows what bombshell may fall -- not to mention there are no guarantees these left-leaning folks will actually cast a ballot in 2008.

But when you are searching from the slightest hint of relief from stifling conditions, you'll grasp at even the faintest whiff of a breeze.

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