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Monday, June 25, 2007

It's a Mitts-tery to me

Interesting decision by Myth Romney to once again loan his campaign cash as the June 30 reporting deadline approaches.
Romney was the head-and-shoulders leader among GOP candidates at the first reporting threshold, even with the $2.4 million of his own dash that he pumped in as part of his $21 million haul.

With Romney the beneficiary of good publicity from a place where it counts (and nothing bad so far from a place that still may get him -- I'm waiting for Parts 3, 6 and 7) it seems odd that he would announce plans to prime his own pump.

And that is particularly true with the announcement coming as he wrapped up a two-day fund-raising blitz in his erstwhile hometown.

Is there something coming -- either from the Globe or elsewhere -- that would prompt him to take this sort of defensive move at a time when he appears to be on a hot streak?

The GOP story out of this reporting deadline should have been an exclusive focus on John McCain's success or failure. Romney pumping his own money in could tend to dampen whatever results he does announce -- even if, as expected, he tops the list.

So has he tapped all the likely sources? Or is he gearing up for a rough road? Stay tuned.

And apropos of nothing, here's a good look at Corporate Man Romney building his brand.

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