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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mitt-Summer Madness

Things are looking rosy for our erstwhile governor as he flits into town in preparation to shatter another fund-raising record. Or are they?

The Man, the Myth and the Legend in his Own Mind will flip-flop into town tomorrow and Monday to hold another one of those visual phone-a-thons, this one designed to win the artificial second quarter fund-raising race.

But the the chattering class may soon start chattering a bit more about Romney driver/operations director Jay "Trooper" Garrity -- the overly ambitious aide who ran New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich off the road in New Hampshire after declaring they "ran the license plate."

True to form, the Romney people are dissembling, claiming Garrity said and did no such thing -- which would violate New Hampshire law.

But Garrity may also be in trouble in Romney's alleged home state, after claiming to be a state trooper in calling up the employer of a Masshole driver. We applaud his desire to get the jerk off the road, but not his methods -- which would be a violation of Massachusetts law.

It's beginning to look like Mitt World is populated by people who believe there's one set of rules for them and one set for everyone else. Including the Mittster himself and his flexible view on his core beliefs.

Oh one final thought Myth. You really want to use Fenway Park -- and annoy all those Yankee fans? Or do you think Rudy has them sewed up?

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