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Sunday, June 17, 2007

More points to ponder

Things to bounce around the recesses of your mind during your Father's Day barbecue...

  • Happy Anniversary G. Gordon Liddy. It was 35 years ago today that the Liddy-masterminded the "third-rate burglary" of Democratic National Committee headquarters started the process that brought down a presidency. Too bad both politics and journalism has been on a downhill track since then. And this guy makes Nixon look good.
  • First-rate chutzpah. Speaking of "this guy," the Crawford heat must be affecting his brain. George W. Bush castigating Democrats for out-of-control spending and irresponsible tax policy is about as credible as suggesting Paris Hilton is a valued contributor to American society. Bush the Magician almost single-handedly turned a surplus into a crippling deficit with budgetary sleight-of-hand like ignoring Iraq spending on the budget while cutting taxes for the rich.
  • I didn't mean it, honest. Joan Vennochi suggests "the Massachusetts liberal" is helping Myth Romney by doing silly things like rejecting marriage quality. I've been thinking the same thing for a while so now may be a good time to say "Mitt Romney is the greatest thing to happen to Massachusetts since sliced bread and he deserves our support, love and devotion." I must admit the same thought did occur to me. But Joan, I capitalize the "L" in liberal.
  • Click it for a ticket? Paul Levy offers an interesting e-commerce idea on how the Globe can attract the dollars it needs to stop its slide into "The New York Times: Massachusetts edition." Levy opines that by allowing the blogosphere a more robust presence on boston.com, the Globe and its masters could generate clicks and cash -- for itself and for bloggers eager to hitch their words to a more heavily read vehicle. Sort of like this.

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