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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New York State of Mind

So what are the odds that the next President of the United States is living in New York today?

Michael Bloomberg's decision to dump his Republican affiliation for the final two-plus years of his term as New York mayor is far more provocative than his previous less-than-Shermanesque statements. In fact, it raises speculation to a fever pitch given the widespread dissatisfaction with the other 20 folks now in the race.

Should Bloomberg choose to run as an independent he would bring an unusual resume to the race. A lifelong Democrat who switched parties because the Democratic mayoral field was too crowded, Bloomberg is a gazillionaire who would not be afraid to spend his cash. He spent well over $100 million to win his two terms.

But Bloomberg is not another Ross Perot, a quirky businessman with an ego and the cash to back it up. He has been carefully plotting a course down the middle -- joining forces with Arnold Schwarzenegger among others. And his tongue won't act like Perot's crazy aunt in the closet.

And stranger things have happened. Born and raised in Boston and a lifelong Red Sox fan, Bloomberg presided over New York while Rudy Giuliani's beloved Yankees choked and sent the Red Sox on their way to their first championship in 86 years.

Being a serious presidential candidate in 2008 in a field that includes Giuliani and Hillary Clinton is far less bizarre.



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