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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ode to a Plastic Man

Memo to Romney security team: Never run a reporter off the road, especially when you "ran the license plate" and know that he's armed with nothing worse than pad, pen and tape recorder.

The New York Times' Mark Leibovich captured the essence of The Man, the Myth and the Legend in his own Mind by observing Romney on the stump in Iowa and New Hampshire.

(Just how hard did he need to look to find someone named Faux to offer lukewarm ennui about Romney?)

If George Bush won over voters by giving the impression he'd be a great guy to knock back a few brews with, Romney reminds people of a different Massachusetts governor (sorry Michael!) We all know how that turned out.

The Man from Massachusetts-Michigan-Utah-New Hampshire may be front running in Iowa and New Hampshire today, but all signs are showing this will not be a traditional primary year with those two states carrying their traditional clout.

And while state-by-state polls are indeed a better marker of a campaign, it's hard not to notice that Romney slips to fourth when Fred Thompson's name is tossed into the mix.

So have a Great Day while you can Myth.

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