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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Points to ponder

Emptying out a week's worth of thoughts rattling around the brain:
  • What is it about sports writers than make them incapable of following a consistent line of thought? After pounding the Celtics for months, if not years, about having an over reliance on kids, the knives are now out for Danny Ainge because he traded yet another "prospect" for someone with some experience. And it was nice to learn I started a trend -- I stopped reading Shaughnessy years ago;
  • Another interesting tidbit from the Globe's seemingly endless review of the life and times of Myth Romney is his declaration, after failing miserably in his effort to build an opposition party that it was time for "me-me-me." In effect, it was an acknowledgment he was about to abandon his commitment to the voters who installed him for four years to pursue positions (jobs and philosophies) that served his own narrow self-interests.
  • I don't care if the iPhone doesn't cure cancer, bad breath or solve the Iraq problem. I do care if I can complete a call without my words dropping off with me knowing it.



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