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Friday, June 22, 2007

We're waiting Mr. Speaker

The Globe is pronouncing a local option meals tax dead in the House (with Speaker Sal DiMasi who represents the North End and its restaurants the only naysayer who really matters).

We are also well aware the The Speakah is among the principal opponents to Deval Patrick's idea of closing corporate tax loopholes. And there appears to be legislative sympathy to Verizon's plea for a tax break so they can continue to beautify the Boston area landscape with said same taxable property.

The Legislature is days away from producing a fiscal 2008 budget that is likely to call for tighter spending in key areas, using rainy day funds as a crucial piece of an effort not to cut services.

We know that corporate leaders are not about to buy into a proposal that will raise their cost of doing business. And no matter how many legal tickets they buy to Patrick fund-raisers they buy, it's unlikely to change Patrick's mind to drop the whole idea.

So the ball is in your court Mr. Speakah. The House has the responsibility to initiate all budget and tax measures. Is there something coming before the Legislature takes off for the summer sometime next month -- a proposal to be tossed about at the taxable hotels and motels and restaurants on the Cape and in the Berkshires?

Or are property owners going to continue to pay escalating tax bills, reject Proposition 2 1/2 overrides and watch their local quality of life continue to deteriorate indefinitely?

We know what you are against Mister Speakah. What is your alternative?

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