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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What planet are these guys from?

Banning all immigration. Using nukes against Iran. Attacking Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy. Don't these guys read polls?

Republicans love to suggest that liberals are multi-headed wierdos from outers space who are out of touch with the American people. The performance by the 10 white guys who took the stage in Manchester last night suggests just the opposite is true.

Although 73 percent of the American public think the country is "pretty seriously off the track" men by the name of McCain, Giuliani, Romney think all we need to do is get rid of a man named Bush.

Oh yeah, and allow more Americans die in Iraq and make sure undocumented aliens remain out of the country. And that's before they raise pressing questions about evolution. About the only thing they agree on is that they can't run away from George Bush fast enough.

Anyone seen the documents of these aliens?

Can anyone say Dennis Kucinich -- who has taken a principled if not necessarily doable stand against further Iraq involvement (consistent with those polls, I might add) -- is more of a nut job than someone named Tom Tancredo, who suggested we suspend all legal immigration? Or Duncan Hunter, who thinks we should use tactical nuclear weapons to stop Iran (and set off the most massive religious war in the history of what would be left of civilization)?

Instead of hearing about high energy prices we hear about pardoning Scooter Libby because he didn't do anything wrong (forget what a jury says). And yet another pander to the "values voters" -- whose ancestors backed slavery, opposed a woman's right to vote and believed the correct place for African-Americans was the back of the bus.

So the GOP is now turning its eyes toward a man who played a New York City prosecutor on television (in comparison to a real one) as the latest potential savior of "conservative values."

But remember, it's liberals who are out of touch with American values. Maybe, just maybe, the crack of thunder that accompanied Guiliani's answer about abortion was really a commentary about the whole sorry spectacle that was taking place in New Hampshire while the world we entrusted to this party continues to fall apart.



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