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Friday, July 13, 2007

Fight them over there...

I have a "gut feeling" about the Bush administration's terrorism policy: the shakier things are looking on the home front, the more likely it is for the Bushies to ratchet up the "chatter."

Of course there is absolutely nothing new and original here, except for the way the charade was unmasked this week by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff in the face of evidence that the "real" al Qaeda is getting stronger thanks to our ally, Pakistan.

It's reassuring that Chertoff, who ignored all the hard evidence that Katrina was going to be a catastrophe, is now relying on his gut.

The report -- and Chertoff's blatherings -- make it clear that after nearly six years Americans can't really feel certain about anything except that when the heat is on (in London and Glasgow for example) and Democrats in Congress are again putting pressure on Bush (who can't even pass his own "tests"), our crack national security team will pull out all stops to scare us.

Oh yeah, and George Bush will lie through his teeth, ignore real crimes, and accuse those of us who are true patriots with treason.

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