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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Into the belly of the beast

I should have known something was up when I spotted the tie covered with tiny elephants.

Who knew what was really in store when a colleague invited me to join her at a forum about blogging. "Great," I thought. A chance to learn some tips that would help me market my own efforts and maybe help out at work too.

Little did I realize we would step into the Wayback Machine and hurtle back into the 195os, politically and socially.

The guest was a blogger and radio talk show host of some prominence, I'm told. I've certainly heard of his site. The guy with the elephant tie was at the Weekly Standard. At least one other gentleman has a blog on townhall.com, home to Bill Bennett and Hugh Hewitt, among others.

The liberal-bashing started before the salad. Arthur Sulzberger Jr., the New York Times and the rest of the MSM was the main course. The dessert wasn't snickers, but might just as well have been and the other guests bemoaned the likely fate of their beloved movement -- without much finger pointing at the men and the decisions that have placed conservatism in the mess it's in today.

Nope, it was just a chance to sit back, with the equivalent of a virtual cigar, and reminisce what it was life when the movement was young and had its future ahead of it. And how John McCain did himself in by supporting the immigration bill and how Mitt Romney was the guy to lead them out of the wilderness (at least in the guest-of-honor's view).

And what did I do? Like any good Outraged Liberal in the enemy camp, I kept my mouth shut. There was no likelihood of making a point in this gathering. Better to be silent and live to blog another day.

But an eye opening look at the other side? That's an understatement.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now you know what it's like to live in California, attend a local university. Your experience was just one event. My daily life is a constant bombardment of liberal dogma.
Speaking of California; think liberal ideas are good ones? Better rethink that 'logic'.

June 29, 2009 5:14 PM  

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