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Sunday, July 29, 2007


Some must reading in today's Globe, something to counter the Page One New Hampshire poll story showing Myth Romney's time, money and attention have put him into the lead.

The real read though is back in the op-ed section, whether Northeastern University economists Andrew Sum and Joseph McLaughlin analyze his four years as governor in terms of the economy.

The bottom line? During the Romney years, Massachusetts led the nation in people packing up and moving out -- driven by national-leading increases in housing prices and sluggish job growth.

As readers of this space know all too well, the Man, the Myth and the Legend in His Own Mind left behind a terrible record, particularly after he essentially quit after the 2004 legislative election debacle. If only he devoted the same time and attention to the job he pledged to fill for four years.

We all know how Myth has flip-flipped all over the place on social issues. It will be interesting to hear him squirm his way out of this one.

Perhaps it's time to bring back a favorite line of the George H.W. Bush attack line on Michael Dukakis. "He'll for to America what he did to Massachusetts."

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