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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Not a big fan

Once upon a time, I lived and breathed sports (and I know it may be hard to believe but my sun, moon and stars did not revolve around the Red Sox or Patriots. The Celtics, on the other hand ... but that's another story.)

Actually it isn't. The decline and fall of the Celtics, the sad passing of Reggie Lewis and a realization that there was more to life than figuring out how to avoid weddings and celebrations that conflicted with the playoffs all played a role.

So too did the attitudes of the little boys who played the game.

It all started with the whine of Jody Reed, a marginal Sox infielder who said he was insulted that he didn't make a million bucks a year to hit a ball with a stick. I was insulted by the public display of stupidity.

Pro sports struck me for the longest time as being more honest than college -- at least the pros were upfront about the dollars involved -- even as the escalated to levels most of us will only dream about.

But lately, it has just become intolerable.

We are on the verge of Barry Bonds, aka the Steroid King, breaking Hank Aaron's home run record. Also on the illegal substance front, we have the "Tour de Farce," where you can't tell the cycling doper without a scorecard.

On the illegality front, we have Tim Donaghy, an NBA official accused of point shaving, and Michael Vick, the Atlanta Falcons quarterback accused of torturing and killing dogs for sport. That doesn't even get into his football compatriots like Pacman Jones, half the roster of the Cincinnati Bengals and Super Bowl hero Ray Lewis. Or the NBA's Portland Jail Blazers.

So swing away Big Head Barry. Pedal away all you dopers. I will continue to scan the sports pages for a few morsels but I've pretty much had it with overpaid, under matured gazillionaires behaving badly.

Of course if Danny and Doc actually manage to pull of a a miracle...

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