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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Those who know him best

An interesting turn of events in a Republican presidential fight that seems to have no clear winners at the moment: Myth Romney is tapping out in Massachusetts and Utah.

With the John McCain campaign approaching death spiral status and Rudy Giuliani's minions faced with legal and zipper problems, you old think this would be Myth's time to shine.

But the best face someone can put on the fund-raising plunge is he maxed out early from a small group of wealthy friends and acquaintances in two of his home states. The worst face (and Myth is obviously the man of many faces) is that his constant image re-engineering is starting to take a toll, starting with the people who have known him the longest.

At least now we know why he funneled so much own cash to his coffers at the end of June. Like McCain (and George Bush) fiscal conservatism is a phrase, not a reality.

Oh and speaking re-engineering, check out this lovely face lift, courtesy of Massachusetts Democrats. Is it any wonder is most prominent Bay State supporter is Bill Weld, his role model for leaving a job undone?

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