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Monday, August 06, 2007

Where's our apology?

Myth Romney now says the biggest mistake he made in his personal and professional life is his support of abortion rights.

Leaving aside the likelihood the comment -- like most of Romney's political remarks -- was made with the audience in mind -- an obvious question arises.

Does Romney intend to apologize to the voters of Massachusetts who elected him thinking he believed in the right to choice -- the same as his opponent Shannon O'Brien?

Or will Romney continue the modus operandi he has clearly demonstrated throughout his political career -- say whatever he feels can help him get elected.

If this is a true conversion -- what about gun control? What about every other issue you have flip-flopped on since abandoning your job two years earlier?

And by the way Myth, where exactly is your vast foreign policy experience? You don't even have a couple of years in the Senate. Making nice with New Hampshire (especially when you live there) is not foreign policy experience.

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