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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Frankly, I've been a bit put off by the harsh language surrounding Deval Patrick's proposal for casinos -- particularly that coming from liberals. Haven't we learned anything from being on the receiving end of it for decades?

That's why I'm more open to arguments about "economic transfers" expressed by Rep. Dan Bosley than I am to shrill sentiments offered by Sen. Susan Tucker in yesterday's MassInc. forum:
"The fact is that this is an industry that depends on addiction for its revenues," Tucker said, expressing puzzlement over the argument put forth by Patrick, (Treasurer Tim) Cahill and others that money from casino gambling would be set aside to help chronic gamblers with their addiction. "If a medication harms three people, we take it off the shelves," she said.
The fact is we have been living on rhetoric for years -- from both sides. This proposal offers an historic opportunity to make a rational decision based on facts. We don't need another seat belt debate where emotions carry the day.

If, as the Herald suggests, Patrick opts to file the bill in the Senate rather than the House, we stand to get that debate, Tucker's heated rhetoric notwithstanding.

And perhaps we can offer a new model of rational political discourse while we're at it. Sadly, that's the real long shot bet.

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