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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Is anyone listening to us?

Allow me to take a slightly different message away from today's Globe poll than my esteemed friend and colleague Dan Kennedy.

The decidedly mixed messages about gambling and casinos -- and the growing support for Deval Patrick -- suggests that we out in in the blogosphere have created an insular little world that has failed to penetrate the bubble.

To be sure, part of the reason for mixed feelings has been the clearly uninspired coverage of the issue by the mainstream media. The Globe, to the best of my knowledge, has failed to recognize that Middleboro voters delivered a mirror image message in July -- no to casinos but if we have to have to, yes in Middleboro.

And when the best reporting on the Patrick proposal comes from the Weekly Dig, well, need I say more?

There has been an awful lot of heat generated on the left side of the blogosphere -- including a lot of hand-wringing about whether Patrick is selling out the true believers who carried him to victory.

A four-point bump in the polls -- edging back up from the depths of DrapeGate and the Caddy Caper -- also suggests no one is listening to us.

Hopefully, the Globe and Herald are now hard at work at in-depth looks at the economic benefits and social costs of casinos and whether the revenues generated by casinos can make a difference in helping Massachusetts meet an obvious revenue gap.

That doesn't mean we should pull back from offering our thoughts. I doesn't mean we shouldn't we have a key seat at the table. At least not yet.

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