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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pretzel Man

Our man Myth is at it again, with a new ad that proclaims that "change must begin with us."

Like his positions on abortion, gun control and taxes.

The Washington Post's Dan Balz dissects the Mittser's latest ad strategy -- this one predicated on the notion that the GOP must recognize the elephant in the room (I couldn't resist!): heaping praise on the Bush administration and looking to follow in W's footsteps is a sure loser.

So The Man of a Thousand Positions is shifting again -- offering a watered down critique of Bush failures such as Katrina and a slap at the ethics (or lack thereof) of the GOP congressional delegation. Of course he glosses over the issue that is central to the failing of both Bush and their congressional "leadership": Iraq.

There are ominous signs down the road. Yes, the Mittser is leading in polls in Iowa, New Hampshire and Michigan, polls far more important than national popularity contest numbers that show him badly lagging the field.

But the lead comes with a price. Romney has far outspent the field on early advertising to build up that advantage. We're about to come into the season where you need to spend more than you raise, and Romney's second quarter must have been disappointing, where he had to pump his own cash into it to show a reasonable net gain,

The next reporting deadline is fasting approaching -- and The Phoenix's David Bernstein sees trouble ahead, with Romney showing a surplus only after dumping a lot more of his dough into the till.

Aside from the obvious message that Mitt may be close to tapping out his donor base. we could be faced with Romney shifting yet another position, his belief that it would be "akin to a nightmare" to bankroll his own efforts.

Yet another pretzel twist -- this one with a Freddy Krueger teaser. You can't say he's boring.

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