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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A real flamer

Yet more faces of Myth Romney were unveiled in today's New York Times account of his tenure as head of the Salt Lake Olympics Organizing Committee.

The story paints a stark portrait of Romney as an earmark-seeking private sector CEO -- looking to curry favor and win points for his master plan of running for Massachusetts governor and beyond. It also helps us understand the depth of the animosity between him and John McCain.

The Arizona senator, it seems, was one of the first to see Romney as a say anything necessary for the audience he was courting.
As a Republican presidential hopeful, for example, Mr. Romney portrays himself as a budget hawk who would take a hard line on federal spending and Congressional earmarks, the pet projects that lawmakers insert in spending bills. Back then, though, he lobbied heavily for earmarks, helping extract millions of federal dollars for projects in some cases only loosely tied to the Olympics and drawing the ire of Senator John McCain, a longtime critic of earmarks and now a rival for the Republican presidential nomination.
And of course, Mittser Pristine helped bring us the Official Cake Mix of the 2000 Olympics. That's worthy of his epitaph.

Maybe that's why he feels it is necessary to tell us that he would indict Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when he attends the United Nations General Assembly opening later this month. That goes well with his idiotic decision to withhold security for Mohammed Khatami for a visit to Harvard last year.

I probably stand with virtually everyone else who considers Ahmadinejad a dangerous whack job who poses a serious threat to world peace. Almost, but not quite on a par with Romney, who would defy common sense and create an international incident to win points with the right wingnuts he is courting.

Why is this man still being considered a serious candidate for president? Is it because he possesses the same lack of common sense as the incumbent -- who seems hellbent on destroying the world before he leaves?

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