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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Supporting the troops

The next time a Republican slimes a liberal for not supporting the troops, remember this.

No, not John Boehner's incredible statement that US troop deaths were a "small price" to pay to "win" in Iraq.

Rather, it was the refusal of dead-ender Senate Republicans to agree to a Democratic proposal that troops be given as much time at home as they had spent overseas before being redeployed.

Only six Republicans placed the troops over party loyalty -- preferring to back George Bush over the ability of our fighting men and women being able to see their children grow up before being channeled right back into Iraq.

The vote reflects the pathetic need to play politics over doing what the majority of Americans strongly believe is the right thing.

Remember that the next time a Boehner or one of his cronies slimes Democrats for some imagined sin against the troops.

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