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Friday, September 14, 2007

Words of Mass Deception

If only George Bush were as good in directing wars with bullets as he is in wars with words.

The headlines this morning reflect a perfect end to Operation Snow Job. While the stories I have seen have the important qualifiers -- they are buried deep in the text where many people never tread. (The one exception is the Washington Post, which ran a separate story pointing out the differences between Bush and the facts.

And of course the White House failed to mention the reality last night -- saving it for this morning after the cameras left the Oval Office.

The handful of troops who will make it home by Christmas should be congratulated -- provided they don't go back when their allotted home leave is up. The remaining 25,000 or so "surge" soldiers who were due to come home in July anyway, have been made pawns in Bush's media blitz.

So after an excellent PR campaign -- complete with visits to Iraq and generals in medals -- we are left with the sad reality that that senate will remain short of the necessary 60 votes to force any change in a policy rejected by a majority of Americans.

Bush has apparently succeeded in achieving his true goal was -- leaving the problem for the next president. He has let down the remaining troops and the American public by failing to offer a clear and convincing plan for fixing his Pottery Barn moment.

Unless or until his Republican enablers start to think more about the country than their already poor electoral prospects. Who knows -- maybe doing the right thing might actually be a winning strategy?

Nah, not when you can smear people who disagree.

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