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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

BU Redux

Note to parents of BU students: Check to see what those thousands of dollars you are shelling out goes for.

Some of the commenters to my recent post (and others on Universal Hub) appear to think they have the making of a civil rights uprising because those mean and nasty Brookline police officers are violating their civil rights.

Yep, it's a sad day in America when underage students can't walk down the street of the street in the middle of the night with a 30-pack.

And how about those nasty Boston cops who "force away the faithful" after Game 7 if the ALCS?

I guess mom and dad aren't getting the entire picture of life at BU. Or Northeastern. Or Emerson. Or MIT. Or Harvard.

It just seems the students at those other places have the good common sense to keep quiet.

If, as some commenters suggest, it's just a small group of bad apples causing problems for the bulk of the rest of them, how about doing some police action on their own? If you want to claim you are grown up and responsible, try proving it.

In the meantime, remember how ridiculous you look compared to BU students who clashed with police over important things, like a war where thousands dies with no good reason. And be really grateful there isn't a draft.

(Photo from Boston University Daily Free Press, Oct. 22, 2007)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you! Walking down the street is a crime that should be punishable by death! That Snellgrove $#@^**(( got EXACTLY what she deserved, the only crime is that it's not happening more often! If you read that article, you'll see that there was an a capella group, O the humanity.

What these subhumans don't realize is that we let them live. Goodness knows, I'm not in favor of this war, though wait am I? Does it increase my property values? My kids are good kids, welathy kids, I'm against it for them, they deserve better--but those 'other' types of kids? ? These little pissants should know that we can send them off to die at our sufferance, hey maybe Bush had the right idea after all! Be grateful that we don't randomly use you for target practice or send you off to Iraq for the crime of befouling the streets ourside our million dollar townhouses! You're responsible for the failures and unbelievable sense of entitlement of my yuppie me-me-me-gimme-buy-buy generation, as well as your own crimes!

Oh, and if the cops have you down and are threatening to do target practice on you, don't fight back, because they're not threatening you for an important issue. People generally fight cops when they're targeted and it's the cops who decide what pretext that's on, but no matter. And let's face it, the cops probably don't OWN either, so who cares about those peasants. anyway? Horrors!

Hey, I wonder what happened to the people from Charlestown who used to stand in the street and break little kids' heads open for the crime of trying to attend school and waste tax payer resources that were owned by wealthier people? Think they moved to Brookline? Bet they're still seething about those kids who dared to walk around freely with that sense of entitlement. Why, I think i hate hypocrisy even more than entitlement!

Principles are for---ewww, heavens to murgatroyd--RENTERS *faints*

October 23, 2007 11:11 PM  

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