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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Frankly, they just don't get it

The New York Times recording blamed those old familiar "production problems." The Boston Globe was more honest. Today's home delivery was being delayed to ensure we would read about the ALCS.

Still no paper at the doorstep, but here's what I needed to know about the Tribe's nice 13-6 win early this morning.

The gurus of old media still haven't gotten it through their aging heads that there are alternatives to paying extra to getting ink on dead trees dropped off at your doorstep. Particularly when they charge a premium for the privilege when someone is standing on a nearby street with a piles of papers somehow unhampered by "production problems."

This thickheadedness is all the more remarkable because the Globe, and particularly the Times, have very successful and very popular web sites where those of us not raised on newsprint and ruboff ink go can -- for free.

So I've instructed the powers that be at the two publications that when and if they get around to delivering my Sunday paper (promised at 10:30 a.m. -- better than the occasional 'it will be delivered tomorrow' foolishness) it will be on them. No charge -- particularly not the surcharge for "convenience."

By that time I will have devoured all the coverage about the Tribe's rousing victory, leafed through the meager offerings that pass for Metro/Region coverage and will have moved on to the Times and Washington Post. All without paying a cent.

Yeah Trot!

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