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Friday, October 12, 2007

Hate Perfected

I know I shouldn't do this. It's playing right into her hands, giving her the forum she craves like crack cocaine.

But I have two words for everyone who complains that it is the left that is full of hatred and intolerance, that the left is guilty of bringing down the level of discourse and compassion in this country.

Ann Coulter.

The blond demagogue is at it again -- this time taking on an entire religion. It is an act she has perfected, complete with the supposedly slinky black dress, to call attention to herself and her intolerance.

The problem is compounded by the need of the cable TV and talk radio maw for fresh red meat. So they keep giving this one-woman hate brigade a platform. And she does not disappoint.

The 1st Amendment protects her right to spew hate and venom across the airwaves and at conservative love-ins. And it protects and even requires that her garbage be reported.

But if the leaders of the so-called "moral" movement want to show they are what they claim to be, they have it in their power to marginalize and silence her.

Their refusal to do so says as much about the bankruptcy of their claim to superiority as does the current occupant of the Oval Office.

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Anonymous Joel Patterson said...

The woman is scum--but what's worse is the way Chris Matthews & NBC's Today Show & other mainstream venues have welcomed her into the broader discourse.

There is something in the broader field of journalism, especially in the echelons where it melds with celebrities that strips away a sense of decency.

What did she do to gain the media's attention?

In 1997 she leaked to the press that "distinguishing characteristic" story about Bill Clinton in order to prevent Clinton from settling the Paula Jones lawsuit, and take it out of the headlines.

It's absurd that people with college educations, who have supposedly faced stiff competition to make it to the top of the field of journalism have decided that trash like Coulter is acceptable for public consumption.

October 13, 2007 9:31 AM  

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