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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

It's Tribe Time!

OK, for the next 12 days or so I'm hereby changing the name of this blog to the Ohio Liberal.

Yes, I root for the team with the politically incorrect name and the logo. But, little known fact, the team is actually named in honor of the first Native American to play professional baseball, Louis Sockalexis.

You want suffering as a baseball fan, try the Indians. Ever hear of the Curse of Bobby Bragan? Or the Curse of Rocky Colavito -- and the role played by Terry Francona's father?

I lived it. The movie Major League, is the story of my baseball life. Is it an omen that they beat the Yankees to end their jinx? Or that I was in Manhattan -- watching Game Two end while standing on a sidewalk, a devoted Yankee fan (and dinner companion) cursing the Pinstripes fate?

So Sox fans, get ready for a challenge. You're going to learn about Grady Sizemore, who looks like he's 13 but plays like a very grown-up. Or Travis Hafner, Pronk to his friends. Casey Blake too.

Then there's the pitching: C.C. Sabithia, Fausto Carmona and Paul Bryd makes three.

But I have a hunch this one will turn on a couple of folks who swapped uniforms. If Manny is Manny, I may be out of luck. But Sox fans -- how do you like the idea of the Curse of Trot Nixon?

Go Tribe.

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