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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Red Sox family values

Where was Mitt?

It will be interesting to see whether the former governor of Massachusetts will be anywhere in the vicinity when the Red Sox rolling parade kicks off today. Truth be told, there's not a lot of votes to be found for the man among the millions who will likely skip out from work and catch a glimpse of their heroes.

But the battle for the hearts and minds of Red States Nation certainly offers a glimpse into those candidate body parts.

Romney -- who didn't hesitate to use Fenway Park as a backdrop to vacuum up campaign cash -- was really a cipher during the baseball playoffs. He never offered up a phony bet with any counterparts from Ohio or Colorado and was mum on Colorado's Tom Tancredo's not-so-phony offer to bet their candidacies on their respective teams.

I guess there are also multiple definitions of faith and loyalty. Not to mention humor.

Of course, I'm also not betting on Rudy Giuliani making the scene either. The Yankees Chief Fan proved himself notoriously fickle (or is that No Torre-ious) by offering a four-game boost for the front-runners.

I suspect Rudy would receive much the same greeting in Boston if he showed up in Yankees cap as Globe reporter Matt Viser received wandering through the boroughs in Sox gear.

But Mitt's lack of profile is fascinating. Maybe he wasn't buying the idea of Series success translating into votes -- after all it didn't work for John Kerry. Or maybe it's just part of the Romney legacy of using Massachusetts when it was appropriate -- and using us as a butt of his jokes when it's not.

If Mitt actually surfaces at the rally, rest assured he'll be as popular as A-Rod and receive an appropriate Bronx cheer. Or hand salute.

As for me, I won't be making the scene either, although I take some solace from the fact that my Indians actually caused some momentary angst on the Sox's otherwise clear path. Congratulation Red Sox. I'm already waiting for next year.

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