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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Religious correctness

One of the Theocons' biggest raps against the Left is the accusation that we are slaves to political correctness -- that we rigidly hew to an orthodoxy and woe unto those who don't fall into line.

Someone please tell me how the "Values Voter Summit" in Washington this weekend is anything other than religious correctness gone amok?

The remaining GOP presidential candidates all appeared this weekend, offering words of tribute to the one, true and only religious vision demanded by the Ayatollahs of the Right. Some, like Rudy Giuliani, actually sought to hold their ground and hold to their positions, throwing verbal bouquets instead:
"I come to you today as I would if I were president, with an open mind and an open heart, and all I ask is that you do the same," Giuliani said yesterday. "Please know this: You have absolutely nothing to fear from me."
Others, like the shameless Myth Romney, continued his pretzel impression in search of the blessing. Romney found himself defending his faith, even making jokes about it.

But Mr. Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, has battled questions about his shifting positions on issues and his Mormon religion. He tried Friday to signal a common heritage of faith with Christian conservatives, quoting the author C. S. Lewis and citing a verse from Proverbs about the blessing of children.

He also made something of a joke about the issue, saying at one point: “By the way, I imagine one or two of you may have heard that I’m a Mormon. I understand that some people think they couldn’t support someone of my faith. But I think that’s just because they’ve listened to Harry Reid.” (Mr. Reid, a Nevada Democrat and a Mormon, is the Senate majority leader.)

As I've said repeatedly: I have no problem with Romney's faith. My problem is with his beliefs. He doesn't have any.

Let's think about this pilgrimage for a second. Is there really just one true path to enlightenment and salvation? And is there only one true political path to that goal? Does everyone in this country need to believe only certain things in certain ways?

I didn't think so.

But lest you think I'm going soft on Myth, consider once again the depth and breadth of his support. Myth captured another straw poll, this time edging Mike Huckabee by 30 votes.

Of course, when you count only the votes tallied on site and not those placed online with a $1 donation, the results were starkly different -- Huckabee winning by 387 votes.

Money can't buy Myth love, but it does seem to get him votes.

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