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Monday, October 29, 2007

“Some might compare the religious right to a snake...”

When you come down from the Joy of Sox, check out this New York Times look at the current state of the religious right.

Reporter David Kirkpatrick takes a lengthy look at the Republican Ayatollahs and the apparent ebbing of their power of their flock after seven years of George Bush. It is cause for some elation for someone like me who believes the culture war and the real war in Iraq prove that beliefs about supreme beings belong in homes and hearts, but not ballot boxes.

But I do heed of the image offered by the Rev. Terry Fox, who was deflocked when his fire and brimstone railings became too much for his parishioners.
"Some might compare the religious right to a snake,” he said. “We may be in our hole right now, but we can come out and bite you at any time.”
The right may be turning on George Bush, but it is a quarrel over competence, not ideology.

Fitzpatrick may well have found the key to what I agree is Rudy Giuliani's unlikely strength among Republicans. He is being viewed as the one Republican with the ability to continue the Christian Crusade against "Islamo-fascism" (a fair description, even if Jews like Norman Poderhertz are leading the war cry too)

And it should be a strong reminder for liberals that while Giuliani may seem like the least offensive GOP nominee, his presence in the White House could well be four more years of the Bush policies that have been the most destructive of American values.

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Anonymous Joel Patterson said...

re: Guiliani--I like Josh Marshall's summation of what Rudy offers the Religious Right. Sure, he'll be pro-choice, but when you think of all those fetuses who will be killed, just remember all the people who will be killed in the wars Rudy will start in the Middle East. Wars will make up for being pro-choice.

October 31, 2007 12:59 PM  

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