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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You're kidding, right?

George W. Bush is ready to suck it up and do it his way because the Democrats in Congress won't work with him.
"He sort of longs for those days, when both sides were genuinely interested in getting along and getting a deal," said Rep. Adam H. Putnam (R-Fla.), the chairman of the House Republican Conference, who helped organize yesterday's White House meeting, attended by about 150 Republicans.
What fantasy world does this guy live in? Those days ended long ago, probably before George H.W. Bush roamed the White House halls. Newt Gingrich wasn't exactly a friendly deal maker.

Hint to W: offer sane rational proposals for foreign policy and taxation, nominate people with values who recognize that torture is wrong and don't label your opponent traitors. I guess it's hard to adjust from the days when a supine Republican Congress gave you everything you wanted -- by shutting Democrats out of the process.

Maybe then people will listen to you. And maybe it's time you see someone about your delusional behavior.

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