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Friday, November 16, 2007

Bail Bonds

Barry "Free On" Bonds has finally been indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice. It will be up to a jury to decide whether to "cream" him or "clear" him. What Major League Baseball will do to restore its image is another matter entirely.

Let's face it, sports in general and baseball in particular has been less-than-heroic in dealing with steroid use. You can get four-game suspensions in the NFL for using banned substances and similar slap on the wrist penalties in baseball and basketball. What you can't do (or haven't done) is take definite action against people who are clearly cheating -- using drugs to improve their performance.

Bonds is simply the most egregious cheater of the modern era. Twice his former size, it seems, he assaulted records held Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron with an arrogance and disdain that reflected a cap size that wasn't just affected by any drug use.

Now, as pictured in a grand jury indictment, Bonds has been revealed as a dissembler who failed a drug test while at the same time perpetrated the fraud that as an athlete he simply took "the cream" and "the clear" from his trainer without so much as a question about the contents.

All the while, he snarled his way to the *record books, spitting on the integrity of a game that did little to try and uphold its name.

Baseball Commissioner piously states that of course everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Bonds was found guilty long ago in the court of public opinion. So too has Major League Baseball for its timidity in dealing with Bonds and Mark McGwire, whose congressional testimony was worthy of Alberto Gonzales.

Bonds is a free agent now -- the San Francisco Giants having cast him off once he achieved the *record. Wonder who will try to sign him now? Maybe he'll go into the memorabilia business with OJ?

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