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Monday, November 05, 2007

Hack heaven

I suspect the Herald's Michele McPhee is looking for an escape from Wingo Square.

Why else does someone defend the biggest waste of taxpayers dollars in this state?

Let me get this straight: Using cops at time and a half is a better solution to traffic flow issues is a better solution than lower-paid "flag men" on straight time?

Yep, there are a lot of payroll patriots larded through the budget thanks to 16 years of GOP hackarama. The state transportation agencies are a indeed a mess.

But personally, I would rather have the cops doing things like dealing with the murders that continue to plague Boston -- and the other real crimes that take place around the state. You don't need a person with a weapon to handle a lane drop, let alone an accident.

You will recall Bill Weld tried to end this taxpayer abuse -- you know how far he got with it. There were many who complained the Deval Patrick should have used his political capital early on to take this issue as a priority.

So this bit of unreality from the cop shop chief of the paper that perpetually ails against waste, fraud and abuse on the public payroll leads me to only one conclusion: I expect Michele will be fielding a job offer soon from Dunkin' Donuts. After all, it would hit them hard in the wallet too.

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Blogger the zak said...

5pm Tuesday 6 November 2007
at 152 North Street
the Finance Commission of the City of Boston will hold a public meeting at its offices pursuant to the Open Meeting Law
MGL Chapter 39 s23B

City of Boston
Finance Commission
152 North Street Room 309
Boston MA 02109

617 635-2202 tel
617 635-2206 fax
jeff.conley at cityofboston.gov

There are five members on the Commission
with one member designated as Chairman
and each member serving a five year term.

The present members and terms of office are
Paul J. Minihane, Chairman
Term ends on October 9, 2009
Lorin D. Alusic Term ends July 8, 2011
Brian Shortsleeve
Term ends September 18, 2010
Dave Westervelt Term ends July 17, 2008
Robert J. O`Connell
Term ends August 9, 2007

The members serve without pay other than the chairman who is paid $5,000.00 per year.


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Executive Director Jeffrey W. Conley

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November 06, 2007 3:50 AM  

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