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Monday, November 05, 2007

Heckuva job, Pervie

The president, nearing an end to his legal rule, feels he need to extend his time in office for the sake of his country. So he declares an emergency, suspends the constitution, takes over the media and arrests lawyers.

Sound like a bad plot that desperately cries out for Jack Bauer's intervention?

Nope, it's our "friend" General Pervez Musharraf, whom the United States taxpayers have supported to the tune of $10 billion since 2001 to "help" us in our fight against the jihadists operating out in his country.

You remember Pakistan -- the host country to Osama bin Laden and his friends since the Bush administration failed to nab him at Tora Bora in neighboring Afghanistan. The country that has provided nuclear technology to Libya and North Korea (and probably Iran too).

The United States finds its "disappointing" that Musharraf did away with frills like democracy. After all, that is what we are trying to impose on Iran and Iraq. But our leaders are of one with their Pakistani counterparts.
“They would rather have a stable Pakistan — albeit with some restrictive norms — than have more democracy prone to fall in the hands of extremists,” said Tariq Azim Khan, the minister of state for information. “Given the choice, I know what our friends would choose.”
Sound familiar? Patriot Act anyone?

In short, a country that probably poses a larger danger to our security than any other, including the one lead by I'm a Dinner Jacket. But fear not. Just as with all of the "good work" of the Bush administration, that outflow of taxpayer dollars with continue to flow, (you want to know why we can't afford children's' health?) And we'll probably still bomb Iran and have a war in a fourth country.

Heckuva job Pervie.

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