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Monday, November 26, 2007

Loyalty test

Harry Truman once said anyone looking for a friend in Washington should get a dog. And since Seamus Romney can attest to how well Mitt treats his friends, it's no surprise that Myth threw one of appointed judges under the wheels of the bus at the first sign of trouble.

What is more amusing though, is watching the reaction from Romney opponent Rudy Giuliani, a man for whom loyalty is apparently the only test (like the current occupant of the Oval Office). Rudy is still standing by his man Bernie Kerik, the indicted former police commissioner who, among other things, is accused of letting the Mob renovate his house and who used a public apartment as a private love nest.

Naturally Myth and Rude-y were hard at it on Sunday, hammering each other in the best tradition of Democratic circular firing squads:
“I think that Governor Romney is trying to distract attention from what is clearly a mistake that he made, but the other big mistake that he made was crime went up,” Mr. Giuliani said. “Violent crime and murder went up while he was governor, and I think that that is something that talks about not just an isolated mistake, it talks about a series of mistakes.”
To which the Mittser retorted:
He is pro-choice like Hillary Clinton,” he said at a campaign stop in Concord. “He is in favor of civil unions, like Hillary Clinton. He is in favor of sanctuary cities, like Hillary Clinton. And the record of ethical conduct from, in this case, Bernie Kerik, reminds us very much of the administration Hillary Clinton was part of.”
Hmm, could he referring to men who have what are euphemistically known as zipper problems?

Points here probably go to Myth. It's harder to defend a law-breaking cop than it is to criticize a judge who, in hindsight, made a bad decision (though that certainly didn't stop Roger Ailes and George H.W. Bush).

What's most enjoyable though is to watch these two pretzels twist themselves into contortions trying to buy the favor of the GOP's Moonbat Brigade, the 30 percent of the American public who still think George Bush will go down as a great President.

Romney has now taken two positions on every position in the race, including loyalty. Giuliani is trying to catch up (and refine) his flip-flop technique but draws the line at loyalty -- the trait that got Bush into his most trouble (loyalty of course easily leads to stubbornness and the belief that only you are right.)

So, GOP voters are faced with a choice between a man who wasn't loyal to his own dog, to one who remains loyal even when his man is a dog.

What a country!

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