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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Troubles in Theocon Land

Let's see: Pat's for Rudy. Paul is for Mitt. Sam goes for John. And Heather is undecided.

I must admit I'm a little excited at seeing the rifts open up among "values voters." In particular, it's rewarding to see that High Priest Pat Robertson showing it is all about religious intolerance. I mean who else would overlook Rudy Giuliani's alleged sins in his personal life and baldly declare Rudy is the best bet against the "blood lust of Islamic terrorists."

The endorsement follow the decision by another High Priest, Paul Weyrich, to throw his support behind Myth Romney with this immortal line that I'm sure will soon appear in all Romney ads:
"I believe that he has flip-flopped in our direction, if you will - the direction of the values voters - and I think he will stay there."
Not to be outdone, Sam Brownback, an evangelical Protestant-turned-Roman Catholic, who attends two church services on Sundays and a weekly Bible study group, threw his support behind John McCain, the guy who once correctly called Robertson "an agent of intolerance," thereby throwing away his chance for an endorsement.

Our Man Myth has been sitting prettier recently, showing leads in New Hampshire and Iowa and some strength in South Carolina. The additions of Weyrich and Bob Jones III should help burnish his credentials in Theocon Land as he spends the inheritance he had planned to leave to Tagg and his brothers.

But that may not be the only fence-mending in the Romney clan.

Myth had a relative in the crowd
at a recent South Carolina event.

"In the front row over here is my niece, Heather Glenn," Romney said. "That's probably not your last name anymore, Heather. But Heather is a school teacher. Are you a school teacher?"

"No. I'm a pediatrician," she responded.

"She's a pediatrician," Romney said, to laughter. "Deals with kids. I haven't seen Heather in, um, 20 years. Good to see you, Heather."

Heather Krueger, MD, Romney's second cousin, is undecided on who she will support.

So much for family values.

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