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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Turkey hash

Picking through the leftovers of the holiday week...
  • Glad somebody noticed. The Legislature went home for the year this week, passing 178 session laws, many not as scintillating as "An Act relative to the annual observance of Leopoldville Disaster Remembrance Day." As usual, the Globe offers more details on the editorial page than in the news pages. The session's most noteworthy achievement was what didn't happen -- the gay marriage constitutional amendment. An incomplete is a generous grade when you look at the to-do list catalogued by the Statehouse News Service (subscription required). Lots of work in January and beyond.
  • But I do like the metaphor. Gas prices hovering around three dollars a gallon. Oil flirting with the $100 a barrel mark. European tourists coming to sales tax-charging Massachusetts for bargains because the dollar is a joke. And the GOP candidates trying to scare the living you know what out of us. Yes, ship sinking after hitting an iceberg is a pretty apt metaphor.

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