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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Upon further review

The Herald today offers us an explanation of who the man staring down a State Police automatic weapon is and what he was doing in a Needham pizza parlor at the wrong time. Oh, and that their sources were wrong about charges.
Hillel C. Neuer, 37, who lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland, was cuffed after an hourlong standoff with police when jittery pizza shop workers thought they spotted him with a gun. No gun was found. Neuer was charged with disorderly conduct.
Of course, the charges seem like a bit of CYA in face of the facts. Nervous store employee spots nervous man and we take it from there. Thankfully the state trooper didn't have a nervous trigger finger.

The Globe took note of the exchange deep inside today's story, where it belongs. The Herald has moved on to better things on its front page -- The Battle of the Unbeatens.

One of the loudest complaints people express against the media is that the correction is never as prominent as the error. Of the course, the error here is in the lack of judgment of Herald editors, so Hillel Neuer should probably be grateful he got a grudging chance to save a tiny piece of his dignity.

Hopefully they won't charge him for the picture.

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