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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Baseball's Hall of Shame

If Eric Gagne took performance-enhancing drugs, I'd hate to see what he looked like without them.

Of course Gagne wasn't the No. 1 surprise on the list of Major League dopers, er, players, named in a report by former Sen. George Mitchell. That honor belongs to Roger Clemens the $15,047 per pitch man who failed to deliver the Yankees to the promised land this year.

Come on, is anyone who watched how big Roger has gotten over the years surprised? He will now join Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmiero in the Major League Baseball Hall of Shame.

But an equal dose of shame should haunt Commissioner Bug Selig, who has held the top job since 1992 and had his head up his posterior for all of that time -- which includes the Bonds and McGwire (and Sammy Sosa) home run chases and this year's *record-shattering effort by Bonds.

We already knew that lying to Congress is not big deal in America today. But who would have ever thought that Jose Canseco would wind up the hero?

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