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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Going postal, part deux

Awhile back I noted my problems with the US Postal Service, and its failure to implement a mail hold during vacation. I also received some sincere advice that I should pursue this with management.

Well, I'm here to tell you it did exactly what I expected.

After waiting two months for the call that was supposed to come the next morning, it finally did -- one day before the call from the "complaint department" downtown. Coincidence?

They were responding -- in a snail mail fashion -- to a written complaint and a follow-up notice. (I say written because the web site wasn't working, but that's another story.)

Back and forth we go -- lost bills, mail left in my box that was supposed to be delivered from two streets over, the usual stuff. Earnest calls from the complaint department, patronizing follow-ups from the branch.

Well I guess our letter carrier was really up against it yesterday. Poor soul didn't have the energy to open the box. Instead, he or she dumped, on a stoop on the outside of a locked door, at bare minimum, three bills, one financial statement and a host of holiday cards. The partridge must of flown out of the pear tree.

Haven't they ever heard of identity theft? Or customer service?

I'll be picking out the best lumps of coal for this hard-working soul. And calling the complaint department yet again.

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