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Friday, December 21, 2007

It all depends on the meaning of the word 'saw'

Myth, you ought to stick to being an automaton.

Kudos to David Bernstein for unearthing the fact that our man Myth only "saw" his father match with Martin Luther King Jr. in a "figurative" sense. Picked up by the Times blog and now the Globe, Myth and his minions are now in full damage control mode.

Not since Bill Clinton have we heard a politician expound on the dictionary.
"If you look at the literature, if you look at the dictionary, the term 'saw' includes being aware of in the sense I've described," Romney told reporters in Iowa. "It's a figure of speech and very familiar, and it's very common. And I saw my dad march with Martin Luther King. I did not see it with my own eyes, but I saw him in the sense of being aware of his participation in that great effort."
At issue is whether George Romney ever physically participated in a march with the civil rights leader. The elder Romney, of course, was a far more qualified presidential candidate until he tripped up on his description of a visit to Vietnam.

There's little doubt in my mind that the elder Romney was a supporter of King's mission. There's a lot of doubt about whether he and King ever matched in the same place at the same time.

But then, Myth compounded his semantic ramble by declaring both he and his father Mitt marched with Dr. King.

Mitt Romney went a step further in a 1978 interview with the Boston Herald. Talking about the Mormon Church and racial discrimination, he said: "My father and I marched with Martin Luther King Jr. through the streets of Detroit."

Yesterday, Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom acknowledged that was not true. "Mitt Romney did not march with Martin Luther King," he said in an e-mail statement to the Globe.

Of course, Mitt's supporters are up in arms over the liberal media attacking their boy.

Is this it? How petty can reporters be? His father was cleary for civil rights and Romney came up with two sources to support him on that fact. And for the NRA they gave him a B+ rating and apparently made calls for him. If that isn’t endorsing him then what whas that? And Rpmnney tried to pass a tougher penalty for meth. Who cares if it failed or not. We all know his positions here and it is clear he is against meth.

This is clearly the media making running out of real issues with Romeny trying to make mountains out of mole hills and apparently some people fall for this stuff hook line and sinker. Truly amazing. lol

Funny I believe Bill Clinton was impeached for his "sins." I believe that's the definition of petty you may be searching for.

Romney is clearly in trouble. The polls show Mick Huckabee has clearly moved past him in Iowa and in the same ballpark with Myth and an equally fading Rudy-E in the national beauty contest polls. Iowa evangelicals seem to be buying the Huckabee story, no matter how full of holes it is.

And that in turn has brought us to the effort to repackage Myth as warm and caring -- a man not afraid to shed a tear or stand up for what is right.

The only problem, Myth doesn't know what is right unless it is presented to him in a poll. Ask Massachusetts voters in 1994 and 2002.

I'll be away for a few days. Merry Christmas and, as always, thanks for stopping by and y'all come back again real soon!

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