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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mr. Grumpy's lament

You know those Visa check card commercials where the sun shines, flower bloom, people work in perfect syncopated motion -- until the dork with the cash runs everything?

Yeah, right.

I admit to old fart tendencies. I would much prefer to write a check than give Big Bad Co. access to my checking account. I also tend away from using a debit card for one simple reason -- I'll forget to enter the transaction and then my checkbook won't balance. (Yeah, I know that's also a retro concept to many non-boomers).

But life is smoother with plastic? Not in the 7-11 (or was it the Store 24) this morning. Five people in line. One cashier. Swipe debit card. Wait for receipt to print out. Rip it off the printer and hand it to the customer.

Meanwhile, the cashier appreciated the fact that five people in line (with a Dunkin' Donuts right next door) is not a good business move. So he used an adjacent register for, what's the concept, cash.

Take paper currency. Open register. Remove change. Basically in the same time or less as the debit transaction.

He then repeated both processes leaving me at the head of the line. Meanwhile Debit Customer #2 tried juggling purchase, waiting for the receipt, putting it away safely and figuring out what comes next.

Me? Cash and go.

Of course there's another problem with these lines. And that's the bozo who waits until he or she gets up to the register to decide how they will pay for the items, then rifles through wallets, purses and other storage options (pockets) for the pennies, nickels and dimes to pay.

Or to find that debit card.

And of course, these are the same people who then stand at the register, carefully counting their change, neatly tucking the receipt just right in the wallet, then readjusting themselves while the line behind them grows out the door.

Mr. Grumpy feel better -- at least until he can rant about snow, bad drivers, people who don't shovel their walks and the joys of autumn in New England.

Sounds like that lament is coming soon.

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