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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow mas!

Those of you dreaming of White Christmas -- enough! Check back in January when this black, icky mess is still piled up on street corners and in parking lots.

The plows were doing their things in my little corner of the world -- a little too good maybe. That little cut-out from the sidewalk to the street has been plowed over several times. In fact, it probably required shoveling into the middle of the street to break through. Once again pedestrians will find a relatively easy walk -- assuming they can reach this tiny outpost on foot.

Thankfully the plow drivers around here take pity on folks who have shoveled out their driveways and lift their blades as they go by. Throw in some illegal overnight parkers and we may emerge relatively unscathed for Round Three.

It will be interesting to venture into Boston tomorrow and see what the Mayor for Life has in store for us. Personally, I'm hoping it includes a crackdown on merchants in busy areas like Kenmore Square who haven't bothered with their sidewalks.

Or is Kenmore only an April to October priority?



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