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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Clear as mud

One year to the day when we are finally freed from Bush bondage, there is still a total lack of clarity on who will be put in the unenviable position of cleaning out the stalls he has mucked up for the last seven years.

John McCain -- given up for dead last summer -- and Hillary Clinton -- given up for dead two weeks ago -- are very much alive and kicking. But so are Myth Romney, after winning the virtually uncontested Nevada GOP caucuses and Mike Huckabee, coming in a close second to McCain in South Carolina.

Democrats in Nevada opted to recreate Florida in 2000, giving Clinton the win among caucus goers while giving Barack Obama the win among total delegates.

It's probably well past time to say adios to Arthur Branch, er, Fred Thompson, who at least managed to squeak past Romney in South Carolina. And it's time for Rude-y Giuliani (remember him?) to put up or shut up in Florida.

There may be a few drips of Hollandaise sauce around my mouth after yesterday's Southern showdown. Huckabee, short on cash and organization, will need to make a stand in Florida. He should be helped by Thompson's (literal or physical) disappearance, but his time -- if not his message -- is running short.

For the Democrats, Nevada confirmed what we already know. It's down to two people. Notwithstanding John Edwards' return to his birth state, it's time to say so long.

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