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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Comeback Kid, Part Deux

I just heard those magic words the Clinton campaign was praying for -- comeback.

With the race too close to call at this hour, more than 1 1/2 hours after everyone expected a quick call for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton can now claim a moral, if not outright, victory.

Obama mania has been everywhere the last few days. Yet, Clinton hung on to a slim lead well past the time polls were suggesting she should be conceding. No matter who comes out at the top of the ballot, Hillary Clinton can justifiably claim the "comeback" mantle that launched Bill Clinton to the White House in 1992.

The spin patrol immediately turns to the impact of Clinton's show of emotion on Monday. I thought it was a potential breakthrough when the woman criticized for her cold demeanor, showed a vulnerable side.

Cynics will quickly proclaim it was a calculating act designed to turn the tide. Even if they are correct on motive, it appears it may have done the trick.

Unlike the Republican battle, this race was not going to be settled tonight. The length of time it has taken to determine a winner reinforces that -- particularly if she defies the polls and wins outright.

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