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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Huckuva job Mittster

We're one step closer to having Myth Romney move back to that permanent residence in Utah.

It appears that the former Arkansas governor has put a whippin' on the Man of Mythtery in Iowa tonight, despite Myth having squandering his sons' inheritance.
Mr. Romey, who outspent Mr. Huckabee by more than four to one, conceded in an interview on Fox News. “Congratulations on the first round to Mike,” he said. But he described Iowa as the first inning of a “fifty-inning ballgame” and vowed to stay in it until the end.
The end could very well come next Tuesday in New Hampshire -- where Romney has united The Globe, the Herald, the Concord Monitor and the Union-Leader in an unprecedented four-play of opposition.

John McCain, left for dead last summer, was already in a Granite State dead heat with Romney -- a serious sign of trouble for a man with homes in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Home field advantage alone should have carried Romney to a wide margin. Let's just check the recent past and candidates named Dukakis, Tsongas ans Kerry.

While New Hampshire Republicans don't have much in common with Iowa's evangelicals, Myth is now damaged goods. There are still two wildcards that could prop him up in the New Hampshire though.

One is the surprisingly strong third place showing of Fred Thompson, whose camp was suggesting earlier in the day he might drop out and endorse McCain. That is now likely on hold -- although Thompson might now generate enough interest to pose a threat to Romney in New Hampshire.

The other wild card is on the Democratic side, where Barack Obama's victory of Hillary Clinton and John Edwards gives him momentum -- and a shot at the independents who might otherwise be tempted to pick up a GOP ballot and go with McCain.

Nonetheless, where the Arizona senator looked like toast -- short on cash and support -- the specter of doom now floats over Romney. His refusal to disclose how much of his own cash he pumped in during the fourth quarter of last year is significant. The answer is probably "a lot," to offset slower than expected fundraising.

Now, having been plucked by a man who came from virtually nowhere -- and who even lagged after his surprising second place finish in the straw vote purchase in August -- Romney is on life support.

Here's hoping his neighbors put us out of his misery on Tuesday. And Myth, baseball has never had a 50-inning game.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not fair. You are enjoying this way too much!

January 04, 2008 6:20 AM  

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